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Platinum Jubilee – Fabric Fit for a Queen!

We’ve long been inspired by the Queen’s elegance, poise and of course, her vibrant flair! There are nods to the Queen throughout our hotels with artworks and unique pieces.

Left/Top: These miniature figurines of the Queen can be found in the Library at Ham Yard Hotel and in the Drawing Room at Number Sixteen. Right/Bottom: At The Crosby Bar, four embellished pictures by Mimi represent seasonal hat recommendations for the Queen.
On the Ham Yard Hotel Roof Terrace, you will be greeted with an enormous painting of the Queen in black and grey.

As we get ready to celebrate the upcoming Platinum Jubilee we thought we’d get creative and have fun redesigning some of our fabrics to honour Her Majesty’s 70 year reign. To begin, we decided to go bold with my Ozone fabric for Christopher Farr and stamp Her Majesty’s royal mark.

Inspired by the Union Jack, we thought there’s only one way to celebrate and that’s by designing a bespoke colourway of navy and berry in my One Way wallpaper for Christopher Farr. Here we have created our own special salute to the United Kingdom.

The Queen is considered the most important piece in a game of chess so we couldn’t help but honour her prestige by adding her crown to my ‘Chubby Check’ fabric for Christopher Farr.

Finally, it’s no secret that the Monarch holds a special connection to the majestic swan, owning the right to claim ownership of all unmarked mute swans across the United Kingdom. We decided to add this beautiful creature to my Monsoon Raffia wallpaper for Christopher Farr for a regal touch.

We hope you enjoyed our fun and whimsical designs celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. Join the festivities and celebrate this incredible milestone at our hotels. For celebrations at home enjoy our other blogs:

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