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Design Threads: Platinum Jubilee Bunting

It’s expected that 10 million people will be joining in with the upcoming Jubilee celebrations. With street and garden parties set to take place all over the UK, we thought this is the perfect time to get creative and have a go at making some Jubilee bunting from old fabric samples in our studio. Here is our 10 step guide.

What You’ll Need 

A mix of red, white and blue fabric samples
PVA glue
Fabric scissors or sharp scissors
Navy ribbon (approx. 1-2cm wide)
A measuring tape
A stapler

Step 1: Gather together fabric samples of dark blue, red, white and neutral tones to be in keeping with the colours of the Union Jack and separate them into colour piles.

Step 2: Using fabric scissors, cut the dark blue samples into triangular bunting shapes. It can help to cut one and use it as a template for the rest, but remember – it doesn’t need to be perfect as imperfections add a bit of charm to your handmade decorations.

Step 3: Cut the white fabric samples into strips for the background lines on the Union Jack bunting and lay them out on the blue background in the shape of the flag. These strips should be approx. 1.5cm- 2cm wide.

Step 4: Once you are happy with the layout, use PVA glue to stick down the strips onto the bunting.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 & Step 4, but now with your red coloured fabric. Make sure to cut these strips a bit narrower, approx. 1cm wide as these are to be stuck on top of the white strips of fabric.

Step 6: Now if you’re feeling up for a challenge, you could use your skills and have a go at making some bunting with Corgis or the Queen’s crown to add some fun variety!

Step 7: Lay out all of your bunting on a flat surface and leave overnight to allow for the glue to dry.

Step 8: The next day, get your navy ribbon and lay out a long piece on the floor. Then gather your bunting and put it below the ribbon to work out the order. Use a measuring tape to keep the spacing approx. 2.5 inches from one another.

Step 9: Once you’re happy with the order, get a stapler and staple the bunting to the ribbon in 3 areas: the middle and on each of the edges. Then cut the ribbon at the end of each side of the bunting, leaving about 150cm to allow for plenty of ribbon to tie the bunting up.

Step 10: Hang up your bunting in the garden and let the festivities commence!

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram @kitkempdesignthread – we wish you a very happy #PlatinumJubilee

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