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Unexpected Places That We Hang Art

Look around our hotels and you’ll find art at every turn. We believe artwork completes a room and we never shy away from filling our rooms to the brim with unique and interesting pieces. Join us as we take a look at the most unexpected places that we hang artwork.


We hang artwork in each and every bathroom at our hotels. Not only does this add a pop of colour to the room, it also provides an interesting distraction when brushing your teeth or having a long soak in the bath. When hanging artwork in bathrooms, be sure to protect pieces within their frames to avoid exposure to water. Here’s our 5 Top Tips to Transform Your Bathroom.


We often take the chance to display our favourite art in front of a bookshelf, packed full with colourful books. A thick frame helps to define the artwork and create a separation from the business of the shelves. We love the layered effect this creates and if you are at a loss for wall space, this is the perfect solution.


You can almost always spot artwork in our stairways. It seems a shame to leave these areas without interesting pieces to guide your journey. Use stairways as an opportunity to show your personality and create a gallery wall of art.


Add a sense of charm and depth to your outdoor space by incorporating artworks. At Rossferry in Barbados, a painting adorns the exterior wall of a covered outdoor seating area. It’s complemented by our Safety Net Green rug from this year’s collection with Annie Selke.

In our Sculpture Garden at Crosby Street Hotel, you’ll find mosaic faces which bring a pop of colour, Even on the darkest of winter days.

On Doors

Why not place a piece of artwork on the back of your doors? In this residential project, we hung this framed piece in a pantry which leads to the dining room. It adds interest to the space as well as an unexpected splash of colour. This is perfect solution for introducing artwork to small spaces.

We hope this blog has inspired you to be brave when hanging your artwork. There is truly no place it can’t go! Explore further with Unexpected Places We Use Trims and our Unexpected Table Lamps.

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