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Unexpected Places We Use Trims

Trims add an extra special finishing touch and give character to an item. A traditional way to use trims is on the leading edge of a curtain, but we like to have more fun with them! Here are some unique and interesting ways to use trims…

Bordering a sofa

In our window at the Porta Romana showroom at Chelsea Harbour, we added a border of our Christopher Farr Pop Art trim, above the skirt of the sofa. The texture and details of this border help to separate the other bright and bold fabrics.

Along the face of a shelf

In our pop-up at the Thomas Lavin showroom at the Pacific Design Center in LA, we added our Caravanne border for Christopher Farr along the face of the shelf. This small touch packs a big punch, giving dimension and interest to an area often left simply painted.

Around the waist of a mannequin

We often add a trim around the waist of our signature mannequins. This touch can help to separate two fabrics or add extra gravitas.

If you look carefully at our Thomas Lavin pop-up, you can also spot our Pop Art border acting as a fashionable belt on the mannequin.

On a lampshade 

Have fun and get creative by making your own lampshades. Here we have used our Christopher Farr collection of trims to make a lampshade.

Whilst here, our very own Polly Carter has added a tassel and beaded trim to the bottom.

Above a dado rail 

We added a ribbon trim above the dado rail in our bathroom here in The Whitby Bar. This helps finish the wallpaper in a chic and tailored manner. The bold hue accents the blowfish wallpaper and is a nice contrast to the lighter blue background.

We hope this post inspires you to get creative with trims. For inspiration, take a look at our trims collection with Christopher Farr.

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