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Out & About: Filming Our New Weave and Trim Collection with Christopher Farr

This week we have been filming short videos of our growing fabric and weave collection with Michal Silver at Christopher Farr in London. The city is getting its buzz back which has helped get those creative juices going. I was even inspired to press flowers which will become the starting point for a new fabric design.

Michal and I often take it in turns to meet at either our studio in South Kensington, or Christopher Farr’s new studio in Chelsea just along from the Design Harbour. We are always excited to visit Michal in her tall ceilinged studio, flooded with light and decorated with large pieces of colourful fabric and rug designs. It’s a treat to see fabrics in large pieces.

In the short films, we wanted to tell our story of our inspiration; the design process, the different colourways and show how they can be used in an interior. Even these short clips can convey the vibrancy, texture and technique of each fabric.

This week, we concentrated on the new trim collection. I have wanted to design trims for ages because I often find that the majority of trims available can be too traditional and not fun enough!

We often use trims for leading edges of curtains, at the base of a chair, or dividing two fabrics on a headboard. We have even experimented with using them over two diagonal corners of a bed cushion.

We love being playful with our designs and here is an example of where we have used my Pop Art trim, which is hand woven, and my Rail Road trim at the base to create an original lampshade. Trims can be that extra detail that makes a room feel finished and tailored.

Trims can demonstrate the care and attention to detail we adopt when designing, in the attempt to create harmonious environments for people to enjoy.

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