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Unexpected Table Lamps

An element of design that is sometimes overlooked but can pack a huge punch is the small but mighty table lamp. We love to bring an unexpected touch of quirkiness with characterful and extraordinary lamps. We feel it’s the perfect way to share personality in a subtle but special way. Here are some examples of how we have fun with table lamps throughout our hotels and design projects.


It’s no secret that we love animals here at our Design Studio. One way to pay a special homage to our furry and feathery friends is to incorporate them into a table lamp design. You can find many dog inspired lamps throughout our spaces. We love turning Staffordshire dog figurines into playful lamps which are perfect for a dressing table. Add a ruffled lampshade for a special feminine touch.

We can’t mention dog lamps without sharing our very own ‘Doggy Lamp’, available to buy from Shop Kit Kemp. You can almost see its tail wagging! It always makes us smile.

You will also spot bird lamps around our spaces. A quirky parrot lamp perches happily on our Reception desk at The Whitby Hotel and in The Terrace Suite at Ham Yard Hotel, you’ll find a flock of beaded birds on a lamp we made from Shaman’s hats from the Yoruba tribe.


For a modern and funky look with your table lamps, use Perspex. You can choose any colour you like. We love choosing unexpected colours as seen here in The Townhouse at Haymarket Hotel and in Number Sixteen‘s Drawing Room. The fluorescent colours pop out at you and bring a sense of energy against softer tones.


Show off your own creativity by painting a sculptured lamp base. Find our blog post Design Threads: How We Paint Our Stack Lamps to learn how. You can go simple with a geometric pattern or create a work of art like Melissa White did with our ‘Disc’ lamps.

Recently available from Artists Corner at Shop Kit Kemp is our limited edition Papillon Flowers and Papillon Bird lamps where Melissa has interpreted our Papillon wallpaper design to make these incredible statement pieces.


We love to make people smile with a witty or eccentric lamp base. This pumpkin shaped base adds a structurally interesting element and brings a quirky touch. We love its simple shape and texture. We have added a colourful patterned lampshade to create a contrast with the base’s neutral tone.

Why not go for the totally unexpected and turn a boot mould into a table lamp like here in The Shepherd’s Hut. This is sure to be a conversation starter!

In one of our residential projects this blue & white ceramic table lamp base by Kinkatou Studio was the perfect addition to a children’s bedroom. The moustached man calls your attention and is sure to bring joy!

At our Honesty Bar in The Whitby Hotel you’ll find vibrant and floral porcelain plates that adorn the base of a table lamp. Guests are always stunned by this unique piece and it’s certainly an inventive way to display your plate collection!

Thank you for exploring these fun examples of table lamps from around our spaces. We hope we have inspired you to show your own style with unexpected designs.

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