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Number Sixteen

Every Room Tells A Story: A Series of Films by Kit Kemp
Number Sixteen

Set within a series of pure white Stucco buildings in South Kensington, Number Sixteen is just around the corner from world class museums, leading bars and restaurants, as well as Kensington Gardens. Interiors have been designed by Kit Kemp, acclaimed for her individual and unique way of arranging spaces with a colourful and carefree spirit.

'Inside the hotel... we felt it would be lovely to have summer in one room and winter in another room, but equally you could look at it as day and night. Having this little succession of rooms with very different feels makes it more of an adventure.'

'The light filled Orangery leads on to our little gem of a garden at the back. It's such a hidden treasure, there's a length of view as you look from the Orangery right to the gazebo at the end of the garden, and that encapsulates a beautiful fish pond which is planted with iris and water lilies.' Kit Kemp Every Room Tells a Story: Number Sixteen.

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