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5 Top Tips to Transform Your Bathroom

A bathroom revamp is a great way to breathe new life into your everyday routine. We have blogged before about how to design a bathroom, but now we’d like to take you through our top tips on how to transform and update even the smallest of bathrooms with the smallest of budgets – without having to do a full refurbishment.


Levels of lighting are important for a bathroom. Strategically placed spotlights by the entrance and above the shower work best and the most effective lighting for in front of the mirror is wall lights placed either side. We love to use Pillar lights from Original BTC, as these give an even and flattering light. Courtesy lights can be useful and practical for night time as they can be programmed by a sensor and they have a warm glow.


Any room can benefit from an eye-catching piece of art, whether it’s a sculpture or a colourful painting. Whilst you may only consider incorporating art into your bedroom, living room or entrance hall, there’s one space that is often overlooked – the bathroom. Art in the bathroom not only projects colour and interest, it can also create a sense of thoughtfulness. It can turn the bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time. Find a selection of unique artwork by some of our favourite artists, makers and craftspeople from our Artists Corner at Shop Kit Kemp.


A newly reupholstered chair can transform a room, whether it’s by adding studding details, using colourful fabrics or creating texture with deep buttoning. Adding a chair to a bathroom provides a sense of comfort and warmth as well as introducing different textures to the space. Bathrooms can often feel cold as they are surrounded in stonework, so a chair is an effective way to make the room feel softer.


Wallpaper is a versatile way to decorate the walls of a bathroom and give the room a complete transformation. In powder rooms and small toilets, we like to go wild with colours and patterns. In a recent residential project, we upholstered the walls with this playful fabric that doubles as a display of an artist’s palette. This stunning spectrum of colour is beautifully illustrated by hand written notes and names, adding to the design’s authentic charm.

In one of our latest commercial projects, the whimsical composition and scale of this joyful wallpaper design creates a unique and fun impression, transporting you to the shores of a tropical island. We can’t wait to share more of this project with you soon!


Accessories are a great way to inject some luxury into a bathroom. Updating your bathroom with fluffy cotton linens can help to instantly improve the space and give a relaxing and spa-like environment. Find our plush bathrobes at Shop Kit Kemp for some added comfort after a soothing soak in the bath.

Adding a vase of flowers helps to freshen up the room and adds an uplifting pop of colour against muted tones.

From taps to bathrobe hooks and toilet paper holders, matching bathroom accessories give a sense of continuity and are an easy way to give your space a new look. One of our favourite manufacturers for these items is Lefroy Brooks, who have been designing beautiful items for classic English bathrooms since the 1900s. Their products really do stand the test of time.

We hope we have inspired you to give your own bathroom a revamp, without having to do a full refurbishment. Share your bathroom transformations with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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