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The One That Stands Out

We often speak about the importance of a well-balanced room through colours and textures. A space that sings should always have a unique focal point – something that stands out and makes the room feel even more special. Join us as we explore some examples from around our hotels…

This spaciousness of room 101 at Haymarket Hotel is defined by a monochromatic scheme with pops of red. Here it’s a black dresser that makes a statement. It is full of colourful ceramic ornaments that evoke a sense of humour and playfulness.

With its scale and prominence, this Swedish cabinet was all we needed to elevate the sense of grandeur in a Loft Suite at Covent Garden Hotel.

At our Sandy Lane Beach Bar in Barbados, you’ll find a cabinet that acts as the focal point. With a composition of natural materials in white, red and blue, the cabinet complements the green and blue painted ceiling above. We love how they work together to create a WOW factor!

A statement can also be made with other items including rugs and artworks. Celebrating an orange and blue scheme in Covent Garden Hotel’s room 101, is a large-scale artwork which hangs above a sofa. This is undoubtedly the protagonist of the room.

In Covent Garden Hotel’s Drawing Room, a tapestry above a console table creates intrigue, whilst adhering to the room’s traditional and elegant aesthetic.

At Ham Yard Hotel, the restaurant could have been a long and dark space but we added dimension and light on the back wall with a delicate collection of pots. Martha Freud’s glowing ceramic pots, inserted into 32 niches on a crisp white backdrop, create a calm wall in a busy room. Each of these handmade ceramic pots is inscribed with an individual leaf design. These are lit up to give a warm glow as you dine below.

You might find more than one item that stands out in our spaces. We make this possible through the art of layering. Here in the entrance at Knightsbridge Hotel, a red large-scale artwork brings a burst of colour which stands out against the room’s natural tones. However, it is our spectacular sculpture of a bust that draws the eye and differentiates Knightsbridge Hotel’s lobby.

Remember that when it comes to making a room sing, it can just take that one special item to elevate the space! For more ideas, see also our blog post: The Devil is in the Details.

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