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Sandy Lane Beach Bar

Restaurants and bars are back up and running here in London and the sun is shining, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let you explore The Beach Bar in Sandy Lane, Barbados. This space is alive with colour and texture. The design of this scheme is inspired by the carefree and joyous sensations of the island.

The building was rotated 90 degrees to face the sea and was given a higher roof to create a light and airy feel. The limed vaulted ceilings and the tropical blue backdrop make this a dreamy place to sit and relax with a cocktail on a balmy Barbados day.

Just like at Rossferry, we wanted to celebrate island life and therefore used natural, raw materials throughout the space.

The bar is made of pebbles and the floors are made to look like driftwood. Basket-weave pendant lights hang low over the bar to counter the strong tropical breezes.

Hanging in the centre of the room is a bespoke 2.5m drop chandelier made by a wonderful creative team in South Africa. This beautifully designed pendant is the focal point, with hundreds of stamped and hand painted mud-bead tiles which gently sway in the salty breeze. It is such a joy to watch children looking up, fascinated by the kaleidoscope of technicolour.

We commissioned a large selection of mirrors covered in shells in the most delicate shapes and sizes. They line the natural coral stone walls of the beach bar, reflecting back the sea in every glance.

To accentuate the height of the pitched tongue and groove ceiling, we added fun accents of colour on the wooden panels above the coral stone. The touches of ‘Indian Ocean’ and ‘Alchemilla’ by Designers Guild allow the natural materials to truly stand out.

The Beach Bar is a place where you can hang out all day, walking barefoot with a cool breeze in your hair and a refreshing drink in your hand – what more could you want!

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