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The Devil is in the Details

When designing a room there are many factors to consider but some of the most enjoyable aspects are the finer design details. These are what accentuate and elevate a space as they create moments of intrigue, excitement and inspiration. As the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the details’ and this is certainly applicable when it comes to interior design. Join us as we share some examples from around our hotels and recent projects.

Metal studding is a timeless detail. This was originally used as a functional technique to hold fabric but then it became a celebrated decorative element. Applying studs adds sophistication and when combined with contemporary fabrics it gives the piece a timeless appeal.

When upholstering furniture, consider including piping and stitching details. This is an effective way to add interest and bring contrasting pops of colour to your scheme. It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with adding embroidered trims and tassels to the outer edges of chairs or sofas to bring an extra flare.

We’ve used blanket and overlocking stitching techniques to create curiosity and an artisan aesthetic to these chairs in the Drawing Room at Dorset Square Hotel. This also emulates the stitch of a cricket ball, celebrating Dorset Square’s history as the original site of Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Lamps are another way to add quirky details and colours to your spaces. Our acrylic disc lamps were designed to add an element of whimsy with their thin coloured lines between each disc and their flexible spine. We love how they create a sense of movement and playfulness.

When designing our Day Room for the WOW!house at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, we wanted to add details that intrigue one’s imagination. Our design included a tented ceiling and instead of installing a cornice, we fitted a plaited rope to create a contemporary border using Christopher Farr’s ‘Helter Skelter’ piping. This decorative piping complements the antique cabinets which were transformed into Bloomsbury inspired masterpieces by decorative artist Tess Newall.

Finally, curtains are an easy way to add details by using trims or a patterned fabric down the leading edge. We love to make an impact by using contrasting colours. If you can’t choose between your favourite fabrics, use one on either side because you can never have too many patterns!

So when you design your next scheme, we hope this blog inspires you to delve into the details. See also Our Dos and Don’ts for Decorating a Room which will help you create harmonious interiors in your home.

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