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Funky Chair Backs

The back of a chair can be the most fun part of the design and we’d like to share some examples to prove it. Join us as we share some of our favourite chairs from around our schemes with funky backs!

Adorning the back of this chair is our ‘Bookend‘ fabric for Christopher Farr in a Hot Pink colourway. On the inside of the chair is our ‘Inside Out‘ design, also for Christopher Farr. We’ve created a similar effect by using bold fabric designs on these dining chairs too. Look at how the bold colours pop out!

Here we’ve created a bold chair in another way and have used different colourways of the same fabric design. This is our ‘Lost and Found‘ fabric for Christopher Farr.

Going over to The Soho Hotel’s Crimson Bar, you’ll find the chair backs of slipper chairs are upholstered in a funky fabric by Jean Paul Gaultier. A perfect match for The Crimson Bar’s dark patterned walls.

We say that ‘every room tells a story’ and this can be the case for fabrics also! Why not add a special found or antique fabric, such as this ikat design to the back of a chair. This fabric brings detail and character to our Drawing Room at Knightsbridge Hotel.

Texture is what makes these chair backs funky. When using rich textures on chair backs, use block colours or neutral tones to avoid becoming overwhelmed by details.

At Haymarket Hotel, Brumus is named after one of Kit’s beloved dogs. In homage to the spaniel, there are different breeds of dogs, hand-cut and appliquéd onto the back of each chair and barstool in the restaurant.

Adding a stripe to the back of a chair can have an elegant effect on a scheme such as here in Brasserie Max at Covent Garden Hotel.

Thank you for exploring fun and funky chair backs with us! Explore more funky designs with our blog post: Funky Frames – Fun Ways to Elevate Your Art.

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