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Lost & Found

Lost & Found is one of our favourite designs from the Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr collection. Since we’ve completed this fabric design, we’ve wanted to use it again and again as it takes on such different forms depending on the colour, direction and application.

The inspiration for Lost & Found came from a conversation about a classic cotton ticking I found. It is so simple, but I love the structure and small repeat, so we kept the essence of this in the dotted stripe, and created more interest with the repeated squares. As a woven fabric with 20,000 rub count, it is great for upholstery, but we have also used it for curtains! It is also double width which means fewer seams.

Tiffany’s Library at Covent Garden Hotel

We have used the red colourway in the library at Covent Garden Hotel, running the fabric vertically in the two armchairs. This accentuates the slender shape of them, making them look even taller! The colour works very well with the reddish undertone oak joinery, giving a more serious and mature aspect to the room.

Room 709 at Crosby Street Hotel

We used the green colourway to wrap an end-of-bed stool in Room 709 at Crosby Street Hotel. It looks super smart on this flat surface, and the fabric construction means it will last.

Lost & Found is as versatile as it can be when used in different colourways together. For example, we have used the Indigo colourway for two armchairs flanking the fireplace in the same room. These two colourways complement the main fabric by Pierre Frey, which sets the colour scheme for this room and brings some variation without introducing new patterns.

Chair Combinations

We’ve had some fun combining Lost & Found with other fabrics for occasional chairs.

For Bergdorf Goodman, Lost & Found took on a more whimsical feel with the pretty embroidered leaves and petals scattered across the chair front, and the contrasting geometric curving round the back.

Curtains at Crosby Street Hotel

As we always like to innovate, we have used the same fabric in the curtains in Suite 609 at Crosby Street Hotel, giving the room a subtle change of texture and pattern. The elegant pattern works perfectly with the striped wallpaper by William Yeoward.


We’ve also had fun thinking up accessories using this chunky weave. Our ‘bag for life’ showcases the Lost & Found design in navy, printed onto 100% cotton, and we love the woven scarves and throws that feature the pattern in a range of different colours.

Look out for our new trays, also featuring the Lost & Found design, launching soon on Shop Kit Kemp.

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