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Brasserie Max at Covent Garden Hotel

Welcome to Brasserie Max at Covent Garden Hotel. Situated in the heart of the theatre district this hotel was originally a French Dispensary as highlighted by the building’s exterior brickwork which reads ‘Nouvel Hopital et Dispensaire Francais’. The history of a site or building should always be reflected when creating a scheme and when designing Brasserie Max, we blended old world wonder with contemporary flair to achieve a sense of romantic escapism. Join us as we take a look at the interior design of Brasserie Max.

Step inside the lobby and you’ll find large arch windows and doors that lead you to Brasserie Max. Here the walls have a specialist paint effect in a soft green hue that illuminates the space and creates a contrast against the dark woodwork.

Large round dining tables run down the middle of the restaurant towards an impressive bar. We have positioned smaller tables around the edge of the space. We like to use different styles of chair within the same space as this helps to create a more dynamic environment and a chance to introduce a variety of textiles. We have upholstered the chairs in a combination of fabrics: For Min’s Tub chairs we have used our ‘Woven Ribbon’ for Christopher Farr Cloth in the ‘Natural’ colourway and on the chair backs, we have used a design by Seema Krish. Find our recent ‘Meet the Maker’ blog post with Seema Krish here.

For the Handle Chairs we have used ‘Heritage Craft’ by Kravet paired with scarlet and earthy green leathers. The addition of silver studs along the back of these chairs frames the textiles perfectly.

We have used two block colours in leather for our barstools, which sit in front of a pewter topped bar. Mixing textures and different weights of fabric, leather and studding is a great way to make any piece of furniture unique.

Robert Kime’s ‘Algiers’ design adorns the brasserie windows. Here the devil is in the details as we have combined Kime’s fabric with Molly Mahon‘s ‘Bagru’ design. When appearing into Brasserie Max from the outside, you’ll see how these fabrics create a compelling contrast. You can’t help but take a closer look inside this buzzy bar and restaurant!

Artworks include an eclectic mix of antiques, Victorian paintings, landscape scenes and Perspex framed fish sculptures. We have selected pieces that complement the traditional characteristics of the hotel. Brasserie Max’s lighting also continues in this vein with mediaeval style candelabras that create a soft warm glow.

Thank you for exploring Brasserie Max and its interiors with us. This space is a perfect example of how to create a smart, tailored room that evokes character and personality through design and texture. Continue your Covent Garden Hotel tour and visit The Drawing Room and Loft Suite here.

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