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Funky Frames – Fun Ways to Elevate Your Art

In our schemes and hotels we’ve framed art in almost every way possible and yet there are still more possibilities! A frame should complement your art, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. If you’re looking to brighten up your home, here are some tried and tested ideas to help you get funky with your frames.

Patterns and Colours…

From painted zig zag patterns in contrasting colours to checks, stripes, spots and customised borders, this an easy and effective way to elevate your art. The colours you use can be bold, but they should be compatible with the palette of the art piece. Explore the colours and textures of your art for inspiration and see what speaks to you.

Perspex boxes…

A material so simple, yet so adept in elevating any item. Nowadays the quality of Perspex available is much higher than ever before with scratch resistance and lightweight properties. Perspex can be used to showcase our much-loved trinkets: a signed book, an heirloom or a beautiful plate. You can also add a colourful backdrop to give contrast against your item. In The Croc Bowling Alley at Ham Yard Hotel we framed various bowling shoes to create an art installation in a simple and effective way. For more creative ways on how to use Perspex see our blog post Perky Perspex.

Play with scale…

Free yourself from convention and be playful with different sizes. If your artwork is on the smaller side, yet you’re eager to turn it into a feature and give it more gravitas on your wall, consider ‘a frame within a frame’. Don’t shy away from creating a sense of drama by choosing larger, chunkier frames.

Crafty mounts…

If your art is valuable, always consult an expert as some mounts may contain acidic components that could affect your piece over a longer period of time. Once you’ve consulted the specialists, it’s time to get crafty! Whether it is recycled materials, old wrapping paper or something you’ve picked up on your travels, it’s always more exciting to see other creative elements incorporated. You can use a textile, linen, raffia or coloured felt. Think outside the box and you’ll end up with something uniquely yours.

If you’re feeling crafty and ready to transform your frames, also visit our blog post Design Threads: Painted Frames at Home and remember to share your work with us @kitkempdesignthread.

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