Back to School

Day to Day

Follow along to see our back to school must-haves...

September is here! At our Design Studio we view the start of a new academic year as an opportunity to reorganise and get back into the comfort of a routine. Whether going back to school or setting fresh work goals, this is a time to reach for new stationary supplies. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new notebook and freshly sharpened pencil! Follow along to see our back to school must-haves…

We recently launched our Kit Kemp for Spode collection which includes ‘Alphabet Mugs’. It’s time to sit down with a good old cup of tea with these! Each mug is richly coloured with a graphic letter and illustrated with an array of fantastical creatures and curiosities. Explore the collection here.

A fresh notebook is a fresh start and an empty canvas for your thoughts. Nothing gets us more excited than clean crisp new pages!

The nostalgia of ‘Back to School’ shouts ‘new bag’! As designers, we love bags and can never have enough of them. Here we are with our ‘Lost and Found’ bags in all three colours.

In this digital age, nothing is as sweet as putting pencil to paper. Explore our blog post ‘A Short Sharp History of the Pencil’ here.

Pouches and pencil cases are equally important for keeping our hectic schedule neatly tied together. This recent home washbag creation would also make a great pencil case. Learn how to make your very own here.

Finally, keep in mind our ABC of the Kit Kemp Design Studio!

A is for Art
Of all shapes and forms. From emerging to established artists, we celebrate a variety of creative talent in our hotels…

B is for Bold
We love to combine all kinds of brave and unexpected combinations…

C is for Colour
It’s our signature. We can’t live without colour…

We wish you a September full of inspiration and creativity!

A desk area should be a haven for creativity and inspiration. At our hotels, guests visit us for work and for pleasure, so we need to be imaginative with nooks and corners to create spaces where you can get down to business. Whether writing a theatre script, penning a novel or simply writing a to do list, we want our guests to have a beautiful space in which to do so.