Apartment 17 at One Denman Place

Sleeping Around

Let us take you to Apartment 17 at One Denman Place. A recently redesigned space which has calm, fresh tones of blue and lime...

Let us take you to Apartment 17 at One Denman Place. A recently redesigned space which has calm, fresh tones of blue and lime. We wanted to create a serene environment with a scheme that creates a sense of escape from the hustle and bustle of London.

As you step into the living room, you’ll find sofas upholstered in a striped weave. This smart design has a colour palette that pays homage to the scheme’s varying tones. Simple stripes can be extremely effective – discover our ‘Dos & Don’ts’ for stripes here. We have accentuated colour further by including floral patterned sofa cushions as well as a Safety Net Green rug from our collection with Annie Selke.

Whilst the room boasts cooler colours, we have introduced warmth by using textures of woven and embroidered fabrics. A two-tone tweed weave fabric has been used for the chairs. Its flecks of blue add continuity to the scheme.

We always say a room is never complete without art. Look across and you’ll see vibrant artwork with neon greens and pinks which contrast with the rest of the room and bring additional bursts of colour.

We have used one of our favourite fabrics, ‘Inti’ by William Yeoward for the curtains. Inti is the ancient Incan sun god and this fantastic embroidered design reflects the artisanship that the Inca Empire was known for with its hand stitched look. Its embroidered details and patterns are amplified by being sewn onto a crisp white linen background.

In the bedroom there is an onion shaped headboard with a large floral pattern. This fabric exudes a touch of vintage charm with its vine inspired print, reminiscent of the Ottoman era. It draws you to look upwards and complements the grand size of this statement piece. A contemporary touch has been added by pairing this design with smaller scale geometric patterns on the walls and bed cushions.

Thank you for exploring this new scheme with us at One Denman Place. Find more of our hotel interiors with our ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

We always like to create a cosy nook in our bedrooms where you can sit down and relax. Here the Kit’s Wing chair makes the perfect spot to do just that. We have played with a variety of fabric combinations for this chair, including a hard wearing wool in aqua and an embroidered fabric that complements the wall’s patterns. We have also included piping in a striking lime green colour which pairs together the bed’s cushions and kick pleats.