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The Kit Kemp Collection for Annie Selke

Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels and Kit Kemp Design Studio, and Annie Selke, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of The Annie Selke Companies, have joined creative forces to produce a lifestyle collection inspired by Kit Kemp’s favourite destinations – New York, London, and Barbados.

A magnificent assortment of rugs, pillows, and bedding, ‘The Kit Kemp Collection for Annie Selke’ is a collaboration and friendship that came together with grace, humour, and relative ease via Zoom! After many months of sketching, sampling and scheming we couldn’t be happier to see the collection launch on 7th March 2022.

Join us as we explore its many storied items, each one infused with artisanal warmth and with the power to transform the look and feel of an entire room.

BARBADOS “a place where you want to take off your shoes and never put them on again” Kit Kemp

It is here the crystal-clear water of the Caribbean Sea meets pristine white beaches, and emerald green palm fronds sway in the wind. It is a place where you truly switch off. Barbados is joyful, its magical vista radiates energy and warmth and is the perfect opportunity to have fun with colour. The bolder the colour, the better it looks…

Above: Rug: 'Always Greener' Indoor / Outdoor in Blue / Green
Above: Rug: 'Lily Pad Wool Rug' in Spring, decorative cushions: 'Lily Pad'
Above: (L) Rug: 'Eternal Spring Woven Wool', decorative cushions 'Arrows Linen Embroidered' in Pink/Natural, Green/Natural ~ (R) Rug: 'Time Out Woven Jute', decorative cushions: 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Green/Ivory and 'Boogie Board Embroidered' in Pink
Above: Rug: 'Dew Pond Micro Hooked Cotton', decorative cushions (from left): 'Always Greener' Indoor/Outdoor in Pink/Orange, 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Spice/Ivory, 'Boogie Board Embroidered' in Pink, 'Dew Pond Multi Embroidered'
Above: (L) Rug: 'Always Greener' Indoor / Outdoor, decorative cushions: 'Arrows Linen' in Pink/Natural, coverlet: 'Happy Go Lucky' in Coral ~ (R) Rug: 'Graphic Tufted Wool'
Above: (L) Rug: 'Road Runner' Indoor / Outdoor in Blue ~ (R) Rugs: 'Road Runner' Indoor / Outdoor in Blue, Pink and Green
Above: Rug: 'Sooner Rather Than Later' Indoor / Outdoor in Blue, decorative cushions: 'Always Greener' Indoor/Outdoor in Blue/Red, Blue/Grey, Cobalt/Green
Above: Rug: 'Safety Net Woven Wool' in Blue, decorative cushions (from left): 'Always Greener' Indoor/Outdoor in Navy/French Blue, 'Patchwork' in Blue, coverlet: 'Patchwork' in Blue
Above: (L) Rug: 'Nip Tuk Woven Wool' in Rose, decorative cushions: 'Boogie Board Embroidered' in Green~ (R) Rug: 'Safety Net Woven Wool' in Green, decorative pillows (from left): 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Green/Ivory, 'Arrows Embroidered' in Green/White and Green/Natural, 'Boogie Board Embroidered' in Green

NEW YORK “barefoot elegance in a concrete city” Kit Kemp

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the Kit Kemp aesthetic and this Collection showcases the exceptional skill of so many talented artisans. Decorative pillows feature exquisite hand-embroidered details, and the rugs are all expertly woven, knotted and tufted by hand.

The New York spirit of this Collection is melodic and adds spice and mood to any interior…

Above: Rug: 'Zig Zag Micro Hooked Wool', decorative cushions: 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Spice / Ivory and Blue / Ivory
Above: Rug: 'Safety Net Woven Wool' in Earth, bedding: 'Power Shake Scallop' in White , decorative pillows: 'Boogie Board Embroidered' in Green
Above: Rug: 'Jelly Roll Woven Wool' in Sky, decorative cushions: 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Blue/Ivory and Blue/Natural
Above: Rug: 'Happy Flower Tufted Wool' in Autumn
Above: Rug: 'Tread Lightly Woven Cotton' in Pink, decorative cushions: 'Arrows Linen Embroidered' in Orange/Natural and Pink/Natural
Above: (L) Rug: 'Dew Pond Micro Hooked' ~ (R) Rug: 'Tread Lightly Woven Cotton' in Green, decorative cushions: 'Dew Pond Multi Embroidered', bedding: 'Tea & Toast' in White

LONDON“dip your toe into colour” Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp has cited the life and work of The Bloomsbury Group as an inspiration for many years. They truly loved colour and Vanessa Bell in particular had a very distinctive palette. It is these ‘Bloomsbury Group’ colours that the London collection is inspired by. From the spicy neutral tones of ‘Horseshoe Hand Knotted Jute’ and sunshine yellow of ‘Patchwork Tufted Wool’ to ‘Hotline’ which does all the talking, they work so well with the English depth of light as it changes throughout the seasons.

Above: Rug: 'Hotline Multi Woven Wool', decorative cushions: 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Teal/Ivory
Above: (L) Rug: 'Horseshoe Hand Knotted Jute' in Spice, decorative cushions: 'Nip Tuk Linen' in Spice / Ivory, bedding: 'Power Shake Scallop Bedding' in White ~ (R) Rug: 'Patchwork Tufted Wool'

Kit Kemp ~ “There is nothing that gives you more energy than meeting inspiring people who love what they do and are good at what they do. I feel I have made a lifelong friend during the process. Annie is strong, witty and has a big heart.”

The Kit Kemp for Annie Selke Collection is available in the UK from Shop Kit Kemp and Andrew Martin, and in the US from Annie Selke.

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