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Room 1107 at The Whitby Hotel

We invite you to step into room 1107 at The Whitby Hotel. With its sweeping views of Midtown Manhattan, this one bedroom suite has citrus tones which set a refreshing scene and make for a relaxing stay.

We built this scheme around a William Morris fabric that we’re in love with. It brings together lime and yellow patterns that appear intricate when studied closely, yet when viewed from afar, the pattern has a large scale.

For the sofa, we’ve used a hand woven fabric to add texture. It has embroidered, geometric details which complement our Lost & Found for Christopher Farr fabric seen on the armchairs. We love combining geometric and organic patterns and here, this is made possible by the similarity of colours as well as pattern scale. For more tips, visit: Our Guide to Mixing Geometric and Organic Patterns.

For the dining chairs, we’ve used colour blocking with grassy green and sunshine yellow wools. Matching piping details can be found on the sofa cushions as well as the armchairs.

In the bedroom, an onion shaped headboard takes centre stage.

Upholstered in the same fabric as seen in the drawing room, it casts a refreshing glow within the space, framed by a studded border and a yellow woollen depth.

Our One Way for Cristopher Farr fabric has been used for the bedroom’s curtains. With coordinating colours, the fabric’s zig-zags make another example of pairing together geometric and organic patterns. Featuring a smaller scale of our ‘One Way’ design are the bed cushions – using a smaller scale stops the cushions from fighting with the headboard for attention! Alongside a ‘Lost & Found’ chair, the end of bed stool fashions the same hand woven fabric as the drawing room’s sofas. This adds to the continuity between bedroom and drawing room.

We hope that exploring this refreshing scheme has left you feeling energised! Find more of our ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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