Out and About: Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman

Out and About

Here at our Design Studio, we love nothing more than to celebrate craft, so come 'Out and About' with us to explore this year's display at at Bergdorf Goodman...

Every year we look forward to the extraordinary holiday window display at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. The windows are an above and beyond display of craftsmanship. Bergdorf’s theme this year is ‘Magic in the Making’, honouring the many skills that go into creating special items, including woodcraft, dressmaking, paper sculpture, mosaic, paper mache, metal craft and scrapbooking. Here at our Design Studio, we love nothing more than to celebrate craft, so come ‘Out and About’ with us to explore this year’s display.


Our love for mosaics can be found throughout our hotels. At Bergdorf Goodman, a riot of sparkling tiles are dazzling in this menagerie. Millions of jewel toned mirrored pieces, pearls and sequins are intricately placed to form the stripes on a zebra, the feathers of a bird and spots on the giraffe to name just a few. The labour must have taken hundreds of hours and the result is spectacular and mesmerising.

Visit artist Johanna Burke’s Instagram @burkeandpryde to explore more of her designs.


We recently blogged about Henry Neville Wood and we immediately thought of him when we saw this display celebrating woodcraft. The many bird feathers here have textured details. Peer closer to see the shiny and smooth talons and broadly carved beaks.

Paper Mache

Our love for paper mache has no bounds, so the window dedicated to this craft was our favourite. Artist Mark Gagnon hand made baubles, owls, vases, shoes and purses. The small painted details bring these pieces to life and could captivate you for hours.


We have shared how we use scrapbooks to map our inspiration and creative process. We love Bergdorf Goodman’s own interpretation. A perspective which looks down on the scrapbooker surrounded by all her bits and bobs of scrap!

These Christmas heels perched on a pillow are just some of the many trinkets from Gagnon that brought smiles to our faces.

We hope you enjoyed exploring Bergdorf Goodman’s festive windows and if you’re feeling hungry, head to the store’s lower level where you’ll find Palette by Kit Kemp.