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Palette by Kit Kemp at Bergdorf Goodman

We have exciting news coming from New York City!

A brand new restaurant designed by Kit Kemp has popped up on the lower level of Bergdorf Goodman. As you step through an entry way with our “Ozone” fabric on the walls and Starry Sky wallpaper on the ceiling, you are transported into the fantastical world of ‘Palette by Kit Kemp’.

Our Tall Trees wallpaper has been specially scaled to wrap over the edge of the walls and onto the ceiling, enveloping the room in a forest of whimsical trees and mythical creatures.

This wallpaper is so special because of the depth it holds. Not only in the trees and the land below, but also in the misty hues of the sky. It seems as if it could go on forever! It truly feels like being in another land when you’re surrounded by this fabulous design.

As you move through the restaurant marvel at the abundance of artworks by Mimi de Biarritz. We have framed paper cut-outs, diorama boxes, and shell boxes galore! See something you can’t live without? Everything in the restaurant is available for purchase to take home.

Our Rockin’ Robin lamps for Porta Romana hang from an elevated soffit in the ceiling, which we’ve also covered in Starry Sky.

We placed six of the lights in both large and small sizes, creating a variation in heights for interest and scale. The lamps bob throughout the room like lanterns in a forest, the little bids sitting atop their frames as if they are among the trees.

We’ve chosen sturdy fabrics in reds, yellows and greens for our upholstery, which boldly ground the space and won’t wear easily. Our “Jester” fabric covers the banquettes on either side of the room, whilst our Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr cloth “Live It Up” fabric covers the back banquettes and our Franky Chairs.

We’ve used a tomato shade wool and a mossy green for the handle chairs, which are home to an appliqué bird and artist’s palette on their backs.

At the back of the restaurant we have placed an Infinity Mirror. Its beams of light add another dimension of wonder and depth. Commissioned specifically for us, this one-off piece is something very special and another unique treasure available to purchase.

We placed handcrafted appliqué flowers along the entry way and at the back of the restaurant. These pieces are so intricately beautiful and add another element of dimension – it’s as if they are springing to life from the forest behind them.

We hope you get a chance to experience the magic here at ‘Palette’ by Kit Kemp at Bergdorf Goodman in New York!

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