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I have recently collaborated on a wallpaper and fabric collection with Andrew Martin which launched in September 2018.

I have just spent time in a wallpaper printing factory in Accrington, Lancashire, overseeing the printing of our wallpaper and fabric designs.

The factory is a hive of noise and activity.  The whole area has a history of cotton mills and all that it entails.  As I walk around the factory, I see boxes labelled for Pierre Frey, Dolce and Gabbana and Thibault; all international companies still using our down to earth facilities up North.

The expertise has been passed down through generations.  My ideas wouldn’t become a reality without their knowledge of mixing colour and texture.  It is a great week.

Here I am at Andrew Martin Showroom with samples of my latest Collection, putting together complimentary fabrics from their range to add to our Fabric and Wallpaper Book being produced to launch the Kit Kemp Collection.

Martin Waller from Andrew Martin, muralist Melissa White and I discuss names for the designs in the Collection like Mythical Land, Friendly Folk, Travellers Tales, Wychwood, Pear Tree and Psycho Sprig.

The countryside outside the town is beautiful.  Little streets huddle together but the views at the end of the street take in hills and dales almost stretching to the Lake District.

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