Out & About with Willow Kemp on Safari

Out and About

Take a look at Willow's Easter trip on a safari and how we've continued the safari theme into Room 401 at Charlotte Street Hotel...

This Easter, Willow Kemp fulfilled one of her dreams by going on a safari in Africa. The countryside, nature and wildlife absolutely lived up to her high expectations. Willow managed to see four of the ‘big five’, with the leopard remaining illusive, so there’s an excuse to return. Among the myriad of unforgettable moments, one of Willow’s favourites was observing the graceful giraffes as they delicately maneuvered between trees, reaching for the highest leaves.

Naturally, Willow found herself captivated by the intricate patterns and markings adorning the animals. It’s fascinating to note how the distinct giraffe patterns vary depending on their location, each one a testament to the beauty of nature’s diversity.

Now back in the Design Studio, we’re irresistibly drawn to anything reminiscent of animal prints, perhaps even donning leopard print trousers! If you, too, are feeling the allure of the safari, allow us to introduce you to our newly designed room at the Charlotte Street Hotel, Room 401.

Perched in the eaves of the hotel, you’ll enjoy expansive views of the sky and abundant natural light. Adorning the large sash windows are curtains crafted from our ‘Travelling Light’ fabric, a collaboration with Christopher Farr, allowing you to gaze down Charlotte Street, keeping watch for any intriguing wildlife passing by.

Channeling the ambiance of sleeping under canvas amidst the wild, the focal point of this room is a stunning headboard upholstered in a fabric teeming with wildlife motifs, meticulously hand-stitched in a warm camel tone thread. Framing this centrepiece is a black and white zebra fabric, adding a bold contrast against the soft earthy ‘Zig Zag’ wallpaper.

The Charlotte Street Hotel boasts the largest private collection of Bloomsbury artwork, and our room proudly features an original Omega Workshop artwork, along with hand-painted furnishings and a lamp, adding a touch of artistic flair. Completing the ensemble are a pair of bed cushions crafted from a hand-embroidered textile, boasting a striking graphic African-inspired pattern, adding a final flourish of safari elegance.

If you’re dreaming about going on a safari, we can’t think of a better place to acclimatise yourself than room 401 at Charlotte Street Hotel!