Mythical Forest Salon at Clerkenwell Design Week

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Join us on today’s blog as we explore the ‘Mythical Forest Salon’, our collaboration with Schotten & Hansen for Clerkenwell Design Week...

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Schotten & Hansen for Clerkenwell Design Week, running from the 21st to the 23rd of May 2024. In celebration of Schotten & Hansen’s 40th anniversary, we have designed an immersive space centered around the PIT-A-PAT magnetic table, previewing at the event. Join us on today’s blog as we explore the ‘Mythical Forest Salon’.

At the centre of the room is the new PIT-A-PAT magnetic table, featuring interchangeable designs that can be swapped into the table frame. The table sits atop the magnetic wood flooring, creating a rug-like effect in the space.

Throughout the space, a series of furniture pieces designed by our Design Studio harness and demonstrate the true beauty of natural wood imperfections. Highlights include the Tête-à-tête bench carved from a tree selected by Minnie Kemp during her visit to Schotten & Hansen’s HQ in Bavaria, bespoke shelving showcasing a striking combination of coloured Douglas Fir veneers, and the Mushroom Table, previewing Schotten & Hansen’s forthcoming End Grain finish.

Using Schotten & Hansen’s magnetic floor treatment, this new technology will completely transform the way we use wooden flooring, not only does it make installation and repair easier, but it also allows for endless design possibilities and has the potential to be added to rented properties and even move house with its owner.

Additionally, a collection of layered veneer frames tells the story of Schotten & Hansen, and two oversized totem sculptures of varying heights illustrate the new vibrant veneer colours. The result is a Mythical Forest Salon where colour meets the highest standard of wood technology.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into our ‘Mythical Forest Salon’ with Schotten & Hansen for Clerkenwell Design Week!