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Our ‘Shoot The Breeze’ Quilt for Threads of Life Exhibition

This August, Nantucket hosted the much-anticipated ‘Threads of Life’ exhibition which showcased quilt designs by fourteen designers from around the world. We were delighted to design a quilt with Christopher Farr Cloth for the occasion so this week, we’d like to share the creative process that went into our ‘Shoot The Breeze‘ quilt…

“We think of Nantucket as our time away from work and any thoughts of the city. It is fresh air, sailing, sunshine, diamond reflecting water, salty air, and friendship. This quilt is all about sitting around a big table cutting out and making a collage picture. It involves all the family both young and old to create something welcoming and useful for the home…” – Kit Kemp

Our mission was to use our very own fabrics from our beloved collections with Christopher Farr to create a colourful collage that celebrates Nantucket. We used bold patterns for aspects that needed to stand out, from a Romany Weave aeroplane to sailboats depicted by our ‘Small Way’ and ‘Criss Cross’ fabrics. Ikat Weave was the perfect design to use for flowing water, while bright pinks and oranges of Rick Rack for the sun reflect in the water below. For the border, we used Travelling Light to frame the scene and on the back of the quilt, you’ll find Peace and Love packs a punch with its contrasting stripes.

Sections of fabric were carefully measured and cut according to plan and layers of dark wool were added behind certain elements, such as the lighthouse helping details to stand out.

The quilt was displayed and sold at Nantucket Historical Association’s Nantucket By Design fundraising event which helps safeguard the island’s heritage for generations to come.

We hope we have inspired you to embrace the craft of quilting and get started on your own designs!

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