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How We Use Travelling Light

A true favourite from Kit Kemp’s collection with Christopher Farr is Travelling Light. Taking inspiration from traditional Kilim designs, we’ve given this fabric a contemporary and fun edge. It has detailed patterns on a neutral background, making this a versatile print. Here’s a look at the many ways we’ve used Travelling Light in our schemes.

In The Whitby Bar we have used Travelling Light in an orange colourway and even the columns have been covered.

The pattern’s colours have helped to bring together different elements. From the bold hues of the upholstery to our vibrant art work, the overall effect is eclectic and sophisticated.

In room 510 at Crosby Street Hotel we’ve used Travelling Light’s green colourway for the walls. Its vertical patterns draw your eye upwards, which make the ceilings look even higher in this bedroom. Full of zest, the print makes you feel instantly energised. Even after a day of being amongst the hustle and bustle of New York.

Travelling Light’s vertical patterns also make this print perfect for draperies. The neutral background and colourful patterns look wonderful on fabric and particularly against boldly coloured walls. Here are some examples of how we’ve used Travelling Light on curtains in a variety of colourways.

Here in the Junior Terrace Suite at The Whitby Hotel, Travelling Light is used in an orange colourway and this plays an essential role in bringing together the room’s different interiors. Its pattern complements the pillows and chairs, whilst its orange colours complement the bespoke headboard’s vibrant design. A wonderful example of how patterns and colours can come together to create unity.

We also had fun creating custom Travelling Light tiles with Balineum. Here’s how we used them in our ‘Moonlit Bathroom’ at C.P. Hart’s showroom in Waterloo. The effect is bold and contemporary, with deep tones and beautiful textures.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the many ways we love to use Travelling Light. To bring this fabulous pattern home, visit Shop Kit Kemp to find some special items featuring this playful print.

Pocket Squares - Travelling Light Blue
Cushions - Travelling Light Pistachio and Travelling Light Natural
Patchwork Toys - Timothy Turkey
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