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National Textiles Day

This week we celebrated National Textiles Day which happens annually on May 3rd. This is a day to appreciate textiles and the major role they play in our lives. It will come as no surprise that we have a huge amount of love and appreciation for textiles. From drapery to rugs and upholstery, they can appear sturdy or delicate depending on design and add texture and colour to any interior space. Textiles really are a true representation of extraordinary craftsmanship!

We get to use our imagination the most when bringing textiles into a scheme. We often start with a favourite fabric and decide where and how it would work best within a room. From here the entire scheme can unfold. We will draw out a distinct colour palette with different patterns and scale, whilst introducing solid blocks of colour to prevent the scheme from appearing cluttered.

We are currently in the midst of designing for our upcoming hotel, Warren Street Hotel and we’d love to give you a glimpse of the textiles we’re excited to be scheming with.

1. Voc Blue Textiles by Botanica Trading

This fabric by Botanica Trading is inspired by Japanese Arita plates and shows monogrammed indigo and white flora and fauna patterned plates. The large scale pattern is truly unique and we love the visible brush strokes on the plates. Our plan is to use this fabric on a scalloped headboard in three panels to mimic and the curvature of the plates. The colour palette and contrast between the sharp indigo and crisp white will also add an element of sophistication to the bedroom.

2. Susie Q Fabric by Mind the Gap

We recently discovered a wonderful fabric company called Mind the Gap and fell in love with their story and eccentric mix of designs and colours. They are based in Transylvania where their design and production take place and they have an in-house team of fabric designers who are solely dedicated to their designs. Transylvania is a cultural melting pot of craft and traditions and the company creates textiles inspired by a mix of vintage, classical, traditional and contemporary styles to generate a unique bohemian image. One of our favourite fabrics that we are scheming with is Susie Q. Its combination of pastel and vibrant florals and circular chains of blooms give a festival feel to the fabric, whilst also uplifting us with alluring yellows and greens.

3. Jacaranda Multi on Magenta Fabric by Quadrille Fabrics

It’s impossible not to feel happy when looking at this tropical and energetic fabric from Quadrille. The vibrant mix of colours and eclectic assortment of fruit, shells and foliage instantly transports us to Barbados – a destination that holds a special place in our hearts. We can’t wait to reveal how we’ve used this fabric in a new bedroom scheme for Warren Street Hotel.

Our appreciation for textiles also ventures towards those of great antiquity. We have often used antique textiles in our hotels to add warmth and points of interest and character. At Ham Yard Restaurant & Bar we have framed antique Indian textiles in boxes to help divide the seating areas. The clear Perspex frames allow us to see the intricate details and embroideries of these unique pieces.

Coming very soon to Shop Kit Kemp will be some new sets of linen napkins in celebration of the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee. Watch this space! We’ve also loved introducing items from our recent collection with Annie Selke to our schemes. The collection includes an array of textiles including cushions and bedding which have been designed with elements of exquisite hand-embroidered details and rugs which are all skilfully woven, knotted and tufted by hand. Shop the collection in the UK from Shop Kit Kemp and Andrew Martin, and in the US from Annie Selke.

Follow us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThead where we will be sharing more of the wonderful new textiles we’re introducing to our schemes this year. Here’s to #NationalTextilesDay 2022.

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