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Elvis Elevating Interiors

With the recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ movie, we’re joining the buzz! From his rise to fame to unprecedented superstardom, the film depicts the life of the rock ‘n’ roll icon and it’s impossible to not be inspired by Elvis’ passion for music, dance and fashion. Although Elvis’ management tried to pressurise him into societal norms of the time, the king of rock was unique and went against the grain. Impressively, Elvis created his looks and fashion choices completely by himself. We strongly connect with his style and have similar fun with colour and pattern when designing. Join us as we celebrate Elvis and draw some comparisons between our schemes and his iconic outfits.

With its calming shades of blue, this outfit reminds us of a bedroom at Charlotte Street Hotel. Here we have used a similar soft blue for the walls to create a tranquil environment. Bursts of vibrant yellow are found throughout the scheme which are comparable to the soft gold scarf wrapped around Elvis. The king of rock knows that blue and yellow sit opposite each other on the colour wheel and make a great colour combination!

Red is a bold colour. It’s packed full of power and instantly commands our attention. For the Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel, we have mixed red with gentler colours such as pink and orange to create a fun but sophisticated look. We think Elvis would feel right at home amongst our neon installations.

In this bedroom at The Soho Hotel an electric blue sofa draws a parallel to the colour of Elvis’ two-piece suit. We love that Elvis was not one to shy away from patterns. Here we can also draw a comparison between his zebra print belt and the bedroom’s Rick Rack Indigo curtains.

We learn from the movie that in his childhood, Elvis was fascinated by the comic book character Captain Marvel Jr. and this influenced the design of his costumes. The most obvious connection is the cape that was worn by the character. Capes enabled Elvis to add pops of colour. At Dorset Square Hotel, we have used a similar technique in room 105 by adding flashes of yellow to a monochrome scheme.

One of Elvis’ most iconic outfits was worn in his earlier years when he donned an oversized pink jacket and black trousers. Like us, he loved the contrast between black and pink. In Brumus Bar & Restaurant at Haymarket Hotel, we have created a similar contrast by adorning the walls with a warm Indian pink linen alongside a smart navy wool for the upholstery.

Although we aren’t a huge fan of anything shiny and synthetic, we do love shimmering shells. At Sandy Lane Beach Bar in Barbados we covered the natural coral stone walls with shell mirrors, made by our dear friend Mimi. The iridescent qualities of the shells remind us of the bedazzled eye catching leather suit Elvis wore in 1972 at his first live performance at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Thanks for comparing these colourful schemes and costumes with us. If you’re in the mood to rock ‘n’ roll, watch ‘Elvis’ at Firmdale Film Club in one of our luxurious screening rooms.

Now Showing Elvis at Firmdale Film Club

The Soho Hotel – Sunday 24th July – 3.30pm 
Covent Garden Hotel – Saturday 23rd July – 8pm
Charlotte Street Hotel – Sunday 31st July – 5pm

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