Designs Inspired by Summer and the Sea

Day to Day

We'd like to share how summer and the sea have inspired our designs. Join us as we explore some examples from around our hotels...

Summer is a season where we can find inspiration from outdoor activities, bright colours and a good beach read! We’d like to share how summer and the sea have inspired our designs. Join us as we explore some examples from around our hotels…

At Crosby Street Hotel’s room 1105, we have a fresh new scheme. In this cheerful and bright bedroom, the headboard adorns a colourful fabric that brings a tropical scene.

Whilst at Covent Garden Hotel, room 111 transports you to an exotic oasis of colour! Explore this space further with our blog post here.

Also at The Whitby Hotel, is a mosaic mermaid which is placed within the Orangery’s Terrace. A nod to the seaside town of Whitby in England, it brings fun and character to the space.

Mimi de Bartiz’s artistic displays can be found throughout our hotels. Mimi works from a seaside town in France and some of the displays are dedicated to the sea. Nautical scenes can be found in The Whitby Hotel’s Reading Room where seascapes are displayed alongside decorative fish. Drop by anytime to view the details of these handcrafted and painted boxes.

Driftwood is a natural material that we use frequently in our designs. It can be purposed in a variety of ways including console tables and decorative objects. Driftwood comprises the remnants of trees, washed into the ocean before being returned to the beach. Here we’ve used driftwood to create candle holders.

A true homage to summer and the sea is our Sailor’s Farewell Collection for Wedgewood. It blends our love of craft and simple folk art in a lyrical way. Telling a folkloric story of the sea, the sailor’s loved one is waving goodbye on a rock with her scarf flying in the wind as she waits for her love to return.

One of our favourite artists, Colin Millington, is a retired sailor living on England’s Norfolk coast. Using coloured wool, Colin creates embroidered scenes of characters dancing across sandy beaches and sailing boats.

We have also shared our ‘Sailor’s Farewell’ story through fabric and even lamps. Here we have paired this lamp with a shade to echo the feeling of waves.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these nautical examples! For more adventure, visit our blog post: Travel Around with Us.