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Room 111 at Covent Garden Hotel

In our new scheme in Room 111 at Covent Garden Hotel you are transported to an exotic oasis of colour.

On the walls we have used Pierre Frey’s tropical ‘Martinique’ wallpaper. The room is immersed in palm trees with scenes around a sugar mill which sparkle in sunshine.

When using such a powerful print on the walls, it always works best to pare down the upholstery. The fabrics on the sofa and headboard are downplayed through plain wools which harmonise with the striking colours of the wallpaper.

Throughout the scheme a fresh green works together in a happy contrast with rusty orange hues. On the sofa, a gentle green herringbone is lifted with a contrast orange leather piping. Beside the writing desk, an eye-catching handle chair is covered two thirds in green and one third in a bold orange leather. The heavy green linen curtains tie in wonderfully with the room, trimmed in a zingy orange.

The bold geometric patterns of the bed cushions, tub chairs and lampshades conjure up images of the busy markets and the bold and exotic colours of Martinique.

To make the room feel bigger, we have used large window-like mirrors beside the bed. The divisions in the glass panels mean the mirrors act like windows into an exotic land which goes on and on and on!

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