Exploring Roots and Organic Materials

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We're going back to our roots so join us as we explore how we use them with organic materials...

We’re going back to our roots so join us as we explore how we use them with organic materials!

In Number Sixteen’s Drawing Room, a sculptural ceiling light reminds us of nature. Made from wood, its rustic nature brings an additional layer amongst the floral patterns and watercolours within the room’s scheme.

Here on a terrace at a residential project, you’ll find another example with this sculptural art piece.

In the lobby at Crosby Street Hotel, you’ll come to find a beautiful branch-like bench. Made out of driftwood, this bench complements the artwork above by Anselm Kiefer which encompasses a fern.

On our Roof Terrace at Ham Yard Hotel, this root inspired console table appears to have grown from the floor beneath! It visually separates the space into two areas, whilst paying homage to the natural world.

We love to bring the outdoors in and here in this bedroom, a sculpture above the sofa does just that. Its wooden panels are all cut to a similar length and put against a darker wooden plank to add depth and contrast. To create a stronger impact, we have placed them in sets of two.

Bringing the outdoors in is especially effective when scheming for countryside projects. In this example, our trunk totems feel like an extension of the nature found outside. We love their rich textures.

These furniture pieces celebrate different origins and each table has been carefully chosen to evoke an earthy aesthetic.

Organic materials can be incorporated outdoors too! Here we’ve added charm to a garden with this wooden deer sculpture.

This beautiful and solid wooden door belongs to a house in the New Forest. You would never guess that it’s a new door because of the driftwood sculpture that we added. You too can consider adding accessories and hardware to your doors to create extra character. Find our blog post Our Doors Are Always Open for more ideas.

Thank you for exploring how we’ve used root-like organic materials. See also some examples of how nature and new beginnings can be celebrated through design in our blog post: New Beginnings.