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New Beginnings

The festive season filled our schedules with family, friends and food and now a new year is upon us. An energy of endless possibilities permeates the cool air and there’s a sense of curiosity for ‘what could be’. Excitement to explore the new year’s potential is infectious! Nature inspires us to connect to our essence. In Celtic mythology the birch tree is a symbol for renewal and purification. Even in the dread of winter, a theme of nature awakens our potential and the season brings a perfect opportunity to fill our spaces with organic forms and textures. We’ve put together some examples from around our hotels of how nature and new beginnings can be celebrated through design.

The colour green is synonymous with nature and makes it a universal language for vitality and renewal. In The Conservatory at Haymarket Hotel we have layered shades of green as well as organic forms and natural textures to echo the landscape within. This creates a calming and comforting space.

In room 207 at Crosby Street Hotel we have sourced a wallpaper to reflect the outdoors, bringing a sense of whimsical tranquillity and organic grandeur with its large scale design. Vases filled with flowers can enhance one’s wellbeing but never be afraid to create a scene with your walls, for they too are a canvas and are a great opportunity to try something new!

We love to create focal points in our spaces that celebrate nature in all its beauty. From floral centre pieces and large scale embroidered headboards to patterns on drapes and collections of art.

A gallery wall inspired by nature creates a calming focal point in our Superior Loft Suite at Charlotte Street Hotel

In the Terrace Suite at Ham Yard Hotel a bespoke appliqué headboard designed by Natasha Hulse adds an organic element to the room and evokes a feeling of revitalisation.

Making a bold and playful stance is upholsterer Alex Sherman’s imaginative use of leather with her headboard design in room 215 at Covent Garden Hotel. Using a technique of reverse appliqué to stitch the poppy heads, a contrast of textures between the front and back of the leather was created.

Butterflies also symbolise new beginnings, transformation and growth. Their colours and patterns inspire us to spread our own wings and dance in the dawn of endless possibilities. In The Croc Bowling Alley at Ham Yard Hotel our installation is an ode to such inspiration. This is a great time to be playful with your creative pursuits and birth fun ideas that create joy in your spaces.

We hope you feel inspired and excited for the new year ahead. May you surrender to the endless possibilities that surround you knowing that through curiosity, play and exploration you will find great joy in new beginnings.

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