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Our Doors Are Always Open

Doors are the first and last thing we see of our homes and even though you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’, doors deserve attention! 

In The Crosby Bar at Crosby Street Hotel, you can’t help but notice the steel-framed windows and French doors, with glass panels that extend most of their length. Made by Crittall, they are perfect for bringing light into the space as well as creating a stylish and refined look. Overlooking the hotel’s Sculpture Garden, these doors make you feel connected to nature and give a sense of calm in the midst of a busy city.

At Ham Yard Hotel we have used the same Crittall design for the external and internal doors. This connects the different spaces and gives the lobby area a fresh and contemporary feel. 

In all aspects of design, it’s important to consider context and location and the same rules apply to doors. In a recent residential project the house was surrounded by so much greenery that a boldly coloured door would have clashed with its surroundings. We used ‘Invisible Green’ by Dulux for the front door and ‘Tuscan Olive’ by Designers Guild for the other windows and doors. Using a darker tone or stronger colour for your front door is a great way to make it stand out as a feature.

Once inside, the contrast with the bright wallpaper really sparks joy!

Whereas for these garden doors, we used a striking combination of bright green and blue paints. This complements the brickwork’s orange glow and surrounding terracotta plant pots.

Be brave and go blue! A bright blue door adds personality to your home but also complements other bold colours such as this wreath’s touches of orange.

This beautiful and solid wooden door belongs to a house in the New Forest. You would never guess that it’s a new door because of the rustic knocker and driftwood sculpture that we added. You too can consider adding accessories and hardware to your doors to create extra character.

Jib doors are flush-mounted into the wall, often without any hardware with the intention of making it concealed and almost invisible. 

For this One Bedroom Penthouse Suite at The Soho Hotel we have used jib doors for interconnecting rooms. We have dressed the doors in a beautiful aquamarine linen which makes the door disappear when closed and draws your attention when opened. 

For the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel we have lined the jib doors in our ‘Over The Moon’ fabric for Andrew Martin. For small spaces, these doors can be a great solution as they blend in and make the space feel bigger.

For these doors in room 400 at Charlotte Street Hotel, we have kept the joinery in white which creates a ‘frame-like’ effect for this ornate wallpaper.

We hope we’ve highlighted the important role doors play and how they transform both the outside and inside of a space. Remember that our doors are always open, so visit us at one of our London or New York hotels soon!

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