Fabric Focus: Peace and Love

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Our 'Fabric Focus' continues and we're going to explore a timeless fabric which was made in collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth. Join us as we give a focus to 'Peace and Love'...

Our ‘Fabric Focus’ continues and we’re going to explore a timeless fabric which was made in collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth. Join us as we give a focus to ‘Peace and Love’.

‘Peace and Love’ has a five colour stripe design and is available in Terracotta, Hot Pink, Green, Old Blue, Berry and Charcoal colourways. In its smart stripes, you can see subtle hand-wrought details which is something we always love to see in fabric designs.

In room 302 at Charlotte Street Hotel, we’ve used ‘Peace and Love’ Green for the back of this Handle Chair. It is paired with green leather piping and green parquet wool.

In room 1101 at Crosby Street Hotel, we have also used the Green colourway. Here you’ll see ‘Peace and Love’ fabric used for the cushions and an armchair. We prefer to use the stripe vertically and in this scheme, we’ve paired it with our ‘Tasha’s Trip’ fabric which was also in collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth.

We recently visited Christopher Farr’s showroom to celebrate the launch of Henry Prideaux’s new collaborative collection. Henry covered a George Smith sofa in ‘Peace and Love’ Berry. You will also spot our ‘Pop Art’ trim for Christopher Farr which has been added to the cushions.

In The Soho Hotel’s room 405, ‘Peace and Love’ Green has been used for the curtains, on the depth and border of the headboard as well as on cushions. Its stripes encourage you to look up along the walls, making this an effective choice for curtains. For piping, we chose leather in a contrasting deep red which frames the fabric’s design.

Staying at Crosby Street Hotel, is room 401, where we have ‘Peace and Love’ Hot Pink on the leading edge of the curtains. Here you can see how the stripes complement ‘Tasha’s Trip’ Pink as well as our ‘Lost and Found’ fabric in Orange.

‘Peace and Love’ sits beautifully next to countless fabric designs but a favourite pairing of ours is with ‘Lost and Found‘. Over at Shop Kit Kemp, you’ll find examples of this with our Lost and Found Bags and Lost and Found Aprons.

We are soon to be launching ‘Peace and Love’ as a PET indoor / outdoor fabric. It’s going to be so exciting to see this fabric used in all weathers and environments. Stay in touch with us here and on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread for announcements.

P.S. One of the great advocates of peace and love is Ringo Starr, former member of The Beatles. He likes to spread this simple and effective message. In 2017 Ringo Starr donated this 800 pound steel sculpture to The Beverly Hills Garden Park in California. It is a cast of his right hand in the ‘peace and love’ hand gesture!