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Bergdorf Goodman: A Very Special Partnership

We have been so lucky at the Kit Kemp Design Studio to collaborate and work with some real institutions and titans in the design world. From all of our wonderful fabric collections with the likes of Christopher Farr, Chelsea Textiles, Andrew Martin to china with Wedgwood and rugs with Wiltons Carpets, we’ve done it all.

Our partnerships in New York are among those creative connections we are so proud of. Most recently we have been working with Annie Selke on our up-and-coming rug collection, and one of our more long-standing partnerships has been with none other than the jewel in New York’s retail crown, Bergdorf Goodman.

The journey with Bergdorf Goodman first began when we were invited to create a special pop-up space. It was the first time all my collections had come together as we filled the seventh floor loft space with treasures from my varying partnerships and collaborations.

Designed as three vignettes – a bedroom, drawing room and dining room – the “World of Kit Kemp” was brought to life with my furniture, fabrics, textiles and home accessories.

What followed was a magical journey that brought the outdoors in with our secret garden, part of a wider ‘English Country House’ exhibit that Bergdorf Goodman created. When I was given the choice of which part of the country home I would like to create, I just knew we had to choose the garden. Kit Kemp’s Secret Garden was born and with the help of Lewis Miller the entrance hallway was transformed into an enchanting hidden bower with real trees and greenery.

We created special moments such as an abundance of paper mushrooms in cloches and an array of colourful bird boxes sitting above an antique French flower stand.

Following the success of both of these pop ups we were invited by Bergdorf Goodman to take on a permanent nook on the 7th floor of the store, where patrons can continue to buy our Wedgwood tea service, bespoke cushions, luxurious throws and so much more.

But this is not the end of the story. This autumn, Kit Kemp will be launching something very special at Bergdorf’s. Whilst we aren’t able to share much, we thought it might be fun to share a few special hints and clues as to some of the design…

A little view of somewhere special in the Bergdorf store:

Kit Kemp’s new Rockin’ Robin lighting collection for Porta Romana making an appearance:

Peering through the trees with our beautiful Tall Trees wallpaper:

Some handmade painted floral designs will be featuring:

Watch out for exciting new things coming soon at Bergdorf Goodman – we can’t wait to share more!

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