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Lewis Miller Designs

I am so grateful to work alongside so many exciting artisans and craftsmen that help bring the layered aesthetic of the hotels to life. One of my favourite New York collaborators is floral designer Lewis Miller.

Lewis and his wonderful team of florists create all our arrangements, from our font in Orangery at The Whitby Hotel, spilling with spring branches and palms, to the stone dogs greeting you at The Crosby Hotel with beautiful floral collars.

This week however, something extra special is happening just outside Crosby Street Hotel.

Our beloved Botero sculpture has been dressed to impress! Carnations and gladioli’s have been arranged to create a brightly coloured ombre Mohawk from head to tail.

As if Crosby the Cat didn’t get enough attention already, this SoHo landmark has been decorated as part of a group of flower flashes created by Lewis as a forerunner to New York flower week launching in Spring 2020.

Lewis has been intrinsic in the development of this exciting new edition to the city’s annual design calendar, and he is using his famous Flower Flashes to draw excitement throughout the city.

The Flower Flashes are what Lewis describes as his ‘gift to the city’. New Yorkers often wake up to the juxtaposition of everyday streets bins filled with re-purposed flowers, beautifully arranged by Lewis accompanied by his assistant and usually a getaway vehicle!

At Ham Yard Hotel in London, we have created our own take on a Flower Flash with this wonderful wagon laden with pots of flowers.

If you want to delve further into his floral world, try our new Lewis Miller Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Bar in our mythical creatures tea set.

Delicious pastries, such as the ‘Hydrangea’, a citrus shortbread with white wine gelée or our delicate ‘Lavender’, a violet cake with Vanilla mouse, is sure to fix anyone’s sweet tooth.

Find out more about out afternoon tea HERE

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