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Kit's Videos

Watch our exclusive series of short films in which Kit Kemp, takes you on a journey through some of her most treasured spaces designed by Kit Kemp Design Studio and at Firmdale Hotels in London and New York.

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Sleeping Around

Follow our series of 'Sleeping Around' blog posts which capture the inspiration behind some of our interiors at Firmdale Hotels.

Suite 1006 at Crosby Street Hotel

Welcome to suite 1006 at Crosby Street Hotel. This brand new scheme is full of texture and colour, from beaded lights to delicate embroidery and playful patterns. You are sure to be charmed at every turn. Join us as we take a closer look...

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Our Dos and Don'ts

Discover a series of posts about our 'Dos & Don'ts' to design any space and make it your own, from using strong colours to creating a timeless space.


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