How to Build Yourself a Kit Kemp Bed Set

How To

Explore our step-by-step process for creating a complete Kit Kemp bed set...

While we often discuss the individual elements of a room, today we want to focus on the star of the show – the bed. Explore our step-by-step process for creating a complete Kit Kemp bed set.


The headboard is the focal point of the room and the centrepiece of the bed set. It enhances the tone and anchors the room’s character and personality. In Room 1006 at Warren Street Hotel, we used an ‘Ellie’ headboard to add a sense of architectural grandeur, with its bordered edge, gently curved top and ornate corner detailing. With a pronounced outline reaching skywards, the ‘Sam’ headboard adds a touch of drama to any bedroom.

The ‘Flora’ and ‘Onion’ headboards, with their subtle and organic lines, bring a gentle and romantic touch to any space. The lower height of the onion headboard is perfect for showcasing the inside of a bed tester.


Cushions add an extra layer of texture and design. In Room 206 at Haymarket Hotel, we used applique cushions to complement the headboard, adding a unique touch of craftsmanship and unity to the room.

The ‘Ruby’ headboard is ideal for larger scale prints, acting as a blank canvas, allowing the fabric to take centre stage.

Cushions offer versatility and can be seasonally updated for multiple interpretations. Our new collection in collaboration with Annie Selke is full of playful and vibrant cushions that add a pop of personality to your bed.

For a bolder statement, our recently launched ‘Knight Wood Coverlets‘ from our New Forest collection with Annie Selke add an extra punch to your bed set with their hand-stitched cutwork detail.


Throws complete the look and add a comforting, cosy feel. The ‘Power Shake Bedspread’ is the perfect, lightly textured foundation for an all white bed, or to pile on an array of colourful cushions.


Every element of the bed is important, and we always use the finest bed linen. Our luxury hotel bedding set, tried and tested at the Firmdale Hotels, is timelessly stylish, made from 300 thread count cotton and single-ply thread, our bed linen ensures the best sleep.

As a final touch, we use lavender bags made from Kit Kemp fabrics, including Mythical Creatures, Sailors Farewell, and Moondog, along with our essential oil pillow mist to instill a feeling of calmness.

To take all the hassle out of bed shopping, our ‘One Stop Bed Shop’ offers the total package from bed to pillows, bed linen and bedcover all in one click.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on building your own bed set from start to finish! Share your creations with us on Instagram @kitkempdesignthread!