Introducing the GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp Collection


We are incredibly excited to reveal Kit’s latest collaboration – a joyous and extensive new collection for the renowned British fabric and wallpaper house, GP & J Baker...

We are incredibly excited to reveal Kit’s latest collaboration – a joyous and extensive new collection for the renowned British fabric and wallpaper house, GP & J Baker. Blending Kit’s eclectic and colourful style with GP & J Baker’s design expertise and rich heritage, it’s one our biggest collaborations to date.

The ‘GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp’ collection features intriguing new prints, wallpapers, artisanal stripes, embroideries and a fabulous range of plain linens, all infused with Kit’s flair for colour and storytelling.

“This has been such a wonderful meeting of minds and love of fabrics and textiles of every kind. We have always seen Ann Grafton as a powerhouse of the fabric world so the opportunity to work with her, her remarkable team and the GP & J Baker archive has been an adventure for both of us from start to finish.

 This dashing collection is colourful and eclectic and draws on motifs and fabric stories that have inspired me. I felt a synergy between the past and present from the first moment. The collaboration has allowed me to bring a storyline together of my favourite influences and ideas.” – Kit Kemp

Robina’s Dinner Party

This whimsical masterpiece celebrates ceramicist Robina Jack’s hand-painted folkloric plates, with each one depicting a friendly creature surrounded by a riot of intricate patterns. The design takes the craft to another level of creativity from ceramics to wallpaper and then textiles.

Robina’s Dinner Party Wallpaper is available to buy in all colourways at Shop Kit Kemp.

Discover the Designs

Knight’s Tale

‘Knight’s Tale’ is an original GP & J Baker design dating back to the late 1920s. Inspired by mid-16th-century crewel work this archival piece depicts a romantic pastoral scene with leaping deer in a forest glade. Kit’s fresh and vibrant reinterpretation moves this wonderful design forward with a modern flourish! It’s available as a fabric and wallpaper in six different colourways, adding a contemporary twist to a classic design.

“This collection combines my love of tradition, not as a pastiche of the past, but an up to the minute presence of colour and excitement, with the joy that can be found when you take something from the past and give it a fresh new perspective. It’s a different way of looking at interiors, ensuring designs can be truly timeless in spirit with a sense of relevance for contemporary interiors.” – Kit Kemp


Tall Trees

‘Tall Trees’ is one of Kit’s most iconic designs. A spectacular large scale fabric panel and wallpaper mural design originally painted by Melissa White, it’s been reimagined in a number of new colourways, including ‘Delft’ – a romantic blue hue which takes it lead from the much-loved pottery that it’s named after.

Tall Trees wallpaper is available to buy in all colourways at Shop Kit Kemp.


The collection also includes three superb embroideries, ‘Backdrop’, a playful design of embroidered trims on plain linen, ‘Spin-Off’, featuring chunky, colourful embroidery on linen and ‘Ring Road’, a dynamic design of loosely painted coiled lines.

Potato Print

‘Potato Print’ is our tribute to the timeless tradition of potato printing. We’ve crafted four distinct colourways, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From the fresh white backdrop with bursts of colour in Jewel, to the edgy yet subtle tones of green and cocoa.

Shop the Look

We know how much our customers love to Shop the Look, so over at Shop Kit Kemp we’ve created a capsule collection of furniture and accessories, available to buy in Kit’s new GP & J Baker Collection.

From Robina’s Green Leo Chair (pictured below) and the Knight’s Tale Susan Chair (pictured right) as well as cushions, mannequins, ottomans and trays, Kit’s curated a collection of designs which will instantly brighten any scheme.

Shop the full collection here.

Don’t miss ‘Runaway’ and ‘Wild One’, which add movement and joy with exuberant woven stripes, while ‘Tight Rope’ offers a versatile, grounding narrow woven stripe that’s great for upholstery.


Finally, a wonderful range of plain linens complete the collection and provide the perfect anchor to the more decorative prints and wallpapers.


Stripes is an artisanal collection of weaves crafted to enhance the printed fabrics, plain linens and decorative wallpapers. One of our highlights is ‘Bunty’ a fabulously crafted striped weave with texture and embroidery. It was named after Nanny Susan’s miniature donkey with its rich browns and nutmeg colours.