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White Snowdrops

Whilst our Design Studio is known for its bold use of colours, we also like to incorporate crisp white into our schemes. We are always inspired by seasonal flowers and this is reflected within our interiors. The sight of humble snowdrop shoots (also known as Galanthus), poking up through icy grass is the first sign that spring is near. This is one of our favourite moments of the year. So delicate yet powerful in strength, the might of a snowdrop is not to be ignored! Navigating its way through nature’s harshness, they are a wonderful reminder of the beauty of each season.  Join us as we explore some bright schemes which remind us of the mighty snowdrop…

In this residential scheme, we have upholstered the walls in a cream linen and painted the architectural features in an off-white tone. This invites you to explore the contents within the room – a stunning and layered collection of lime greens, sunny yellows and Indian pinks.

In bedroom 206 at The Soho Hotel we have designed a powerful red, white and blue scheme. The walls are adorned in a two-tone denim blue linen and the furniture has been upholstered in navy blues and geometric prints, piped in tomato red leather.

For the curtains we have used a contrasting, crisp white linen and descending down the leading edge is a bold and contemporary tape. These fresh white curtains provide the room with a sense of serenity and breathing space. Explore this scheme further in our ‘Sleeping Around’ blog post here.

At our Sandy Lane Beach Bar in Barbados, the walls are made from white coral stone where we have placed intricate shell artworks. The armchairs and sofas are made from delicate white wicker.

Wonderfully luminous, the white tones allow the main feature – the mud bead chandelier – to sing in all its glory. Hanging in the centre of the room the chandelier has a bespoke 2.5m drop and was made by a wonderful creative team in South Africa. This beautifully designed pendant is a focal point with hundreds of stamped and hand painted mud-bead tiles which gently sway in the salty breeze.

These examples are a reminder that the power of neutral tones shouldn’t be overlooked. Even for us colour enthusiasts! Snowdrops are the flowers of hope, strength and new beginnings. What a wonderful source of inspiration they can be.

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