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Welcome to The Orangery at Warren Street Hotel

As summer approaches, there’s no better time to pull up a chair and bask in the vibrant ambiance of The Orangery at Warren Street Hotel. This enchanting space is filled with light and colour, boasting a magnificent skylight that fills the room with radiance. On today’s blog we are taking a closer look at the charm of The Orangery.

Upon entering, your attention is drawn to the grand dresser adorned with intricately hand-drawn ceramic plates by the talented Robina Jack. Each plate tells its own unique story, adding a playful atmosphere to the room.

Along the back wall of the room, you’ll find beautiful banquettes adorned with bold and colourful pillows, adding an extra layer of detail to the space.

Above these banquettes, handmade pots by the artist Martha Freud adorn the walls, inspired by fungi and featuring whimsical details like fairies and wheelbarrows, infusing the space with a sense of magic.

In The Orangery, two distinct styles of chairs catch your eye. Our signature ‘Susan’ chairs effortlessly blend contemporary and traditional elements, adorned with brightly coloured leather handles and featuring our fabric with Christopher Farr, ‘Zig Zag’, adding a decorative flair to the space. Our other signature chair, the ‘Handle’ Chair, ensures ease of movement with convenient handles, while adding vibrancy and comfort to the dining experience.

As you look upward, grand chandeliers by Cox London crafted from organic elements, illuminate the room, hanging from a striking blue ceiling painted in ‘Baltimore Sky’ by Benjamin Moore, making a powerful statement.

At the centre of the back of the room, a chic fireplace adorned with Joe Tilson artwork and flowers adds artistic flair and warmth.

Finally, a beautiful bench hand-painted by Melissa White adds a touch of elegance, while curtains in our new fabric with GP & J Baker, ‘Knights Tale’, set the magical tone of the room.

We hope you’ll fall in love with this enchanting space as much as we have. Come and experience the magic with us at Warren Street Hotel.

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