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Ways We Use Wall Lights

An interior design tool which is often overlooked, is to create interest with lighting. This week, we’d like to focus on wall lights. As one of the earliest forms of interior lighting, wall lights or ‘sconces’ were originally used to hold wax candles. Wall mounted lights work alongside ceiling lights, providing supplementary illumination with the added benefit of alleviating glare. Different shaped fixtures can also create wall shadows, bringing additional layers of texture to a space. Here are some ways that we use wall lights in our schemes…

When we designed a bathroom for C.P. Hart’s London showroom, we used red sculptural wall sconces by Porta Romana atop our Travelling Light wallpaper design. Sconces are a perfect choice for when flanking a basin mirror as they create a bright glow for reflections. Find our ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of bathroom design here.

In this residential scheme, we have illuminated an otherwise dark corridor with angular wall lights. They have a characterful design, as if they are playfully watching passers-by! Topped with a baby blue ikat shade, they add fun and interest.

During the daytime, this bright and cheery kitchen doesn’t require artificial lighting. However, for evening dinner parties and late night snacks, the space is illuminated by brass and glass wall lights. Placed above a farmhouse basin, they bring a touch of glitz and elegance.

All around our Vanessa Bell room at Charlotte Street Hotel are double-armed sconces. These create a cosy dining atmosphere. They bring a soft glow of ambient light, setting the tone for a relaxed meal or special event.

For a recent residential project, we used our ‘Willow’ fabric in the aqua colourway to create eight pintsize shades for this playful wall sconce.

We love these vintage mirror sconces upon the wood panels of the Drawing Room at Covent Garden Hotel. Creating a warming glow, the shaded candle-like armature nods to the origins and history of light fixtures.

Our Rockin’ Robin light collection with Porta Romana, included ‘Mimi’s Robin Wall Light’. With this piece, light shines from within a porcelain egg to give a soft golden glow. This collection is a great way to bring the outside into your home!

We hope this has inspired you to get creative with wall lights. Remember to share your designs with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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