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Ways to Mix and Match Dining Sets

Mixing and matching dining sets doesn’t have to be intimidating. We love a set of matching chairs but mixing together various styles, colours and sizes will bring a sense of fun and character to your space. We have mixed and matched chairs in dining rooms, restaurants and even in workspaces. Join us as we explore our favourite ways to mix and match dining settings.

In The Orangery at Number Sixteen, we have mixed together different shapes and fabrics with our dining chairs.

Mixing Fabrics

If you want to stick to a specific style of chair, you can create a varied look by bringing together different fabrics. For this dining set in a residential project we have followed the colour rule and sourced fabric to the match colours of our Papillon Wallpaper, upholstering the dining chairs in two different colourful fabrics.

In this townhouse kitchen we have used the same style of dining chair, but have played with different colours for each of the chairs. For spaces like these, you should ensure the height of the chair backs are not much greater than the table. This trick makes the space feel bigger and the dining set doesn’t interrupt your view of the room.

Mixing Shapes

A round table doesn’t mean you need to source chairs of a similar shape. Here in this apartment at Ham Yard Hotel, an elegant black table fits perfectly with the clean straight lines of the dining chairs.

Mixing Chair Types

Using a combination of chairs or even including a bench is a great way to create a more relaxed dining set. It’s important to take into consideration the seat height when mixing together different types of chair. Keeping everything at a similar height will give the different chair types a sense of togetherness and just as importantly – you’ll be able to sit comfortably at the dining table!

Mixing Everything

In many traditional dining sets the chairs at each end of the table are different. They will usually have arms such as carver chairs and are sometimes larger or more ornate to reflect being at the head of the table. You can create interest and even some drama by mixing styles, shapes and fabrics.

In Brumus Bar and Restaurant at Haymarket Hotel you will find chairs of different shapes, fabrics and seating types which gives the space a sense of sophistication and character. Brumus is named after one of Kit’s beloved dogs and here the dining chairs tell that story, with hand-cut and appliquéd varying breeds of dogs onto the back of each chair and barstool in the restaurant.

Explore dining spaces with us further and visit our blog post: Come Dine With Me: Designing Your Dining Space where we share our tips and tricks for putting together a dining space.

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