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The Power of Blue

With its associations of the sky and water, blue has the power to create a feeling of calm and tranquillity when used in a scheme. Join us as we explore the different ways we have incorporated blue into our designs…


Light shades of blue can create a sense of spaciousness. Here in this apartment bedroom at Richmond Buildings, the walls are covered in Fermoie’s ‘Wave’ linen in light blue. Featuring a flowing and rhythmic wave pattern, it creates a sense of ease. Just what’s needed after a busy day in the capital city!

Also at Richmond Buildings is a bar and meeting space. Here we have dressed the walls with a large scale raffia wallcovering that works as an accent wall. The painterly effect and brush strokes create a three dimensional effect. In this case, the blue hues create a contemporary aesthetic.


Our upcoming hotel at Warren Street in Tribeca, New York is going to have a turquoise exterior, creating a playful and light-hearted appearance which complements the surrounding red brick buildings. Here is an artist’s impression of Warren Street Hotel…


Whilst soft blue is associated with calm, navy blue is often associated with sophistication and formality. This bedroom at The Soho Hotel is a perfect example of how schemes with blue tones can be elegant and playful at the same time.

Incorporating blue through different textures and patterns will create new and interesting layers to your upholstered pieces.


Add pops of blue through accessories such as cushions and ornaments – these can be easily switched or rearranged over time to refresh your scheme.


When it comes to blue, you can never have enough accents and this bedroom at The Whitby Suite bedroom makes a great example!

Blue is a versatile colour which can be used to evoke emotions and create different atmospheres. When we designed Bergdorf Goodman’s Palette restaurant, we used our ‘Starry Night’ wallpaper on the ceiling to create a sense of nature and bring the outside in.

For this outdoor terrace in Barbados, we have painted the ceiling in an ocean blue. This acts as a prolongation of the view, merging the blues of the sky and the ocean.

We hope we’ve highlighted the power of blue. Your options to scheme with this colour are limitless!

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