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The Meadow Suite at Crosby Street Hotel

At Crosby Street Hotel in New York you will discover a lush green garden tucked away on a second floor terrace adjoining The Meadow Suite. It is a hidden grove, complete with trees and a lawn, an unexpected haven in the centre of downtown Manhattan.

"When you arrive at Crosby Street Hotel, there's all the buzz of busy New York. And then suddenly inside you get to The Meadow Suite and that luscious secret of that green verdant garden outside. To arrive in The Meadow Suite is like a little quiet haven. It's such a little oasis and your own place to sit outside, have a coffee, have breakfast, or just watch that little sparrow on a tree. "

This beautifully designed suite has high ceilings, full length windows and doors leading onto the private terrace. The spacious and bright living room leads off onto the sumptuous master-bedroom and a luxurious Superior Room, both with en-suite bathrooms. 

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