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The Great Escape

We all need a touch of escapism in our lives at the moment as a little diversion from the daily lockdown.

We love to create interiors which spark the imagination. That is one of many reasons why I love the paintings of Ramiro Fernandez Saus.

His artworks take us on adventures to faraway lands and this large-scale painting helps you escape after a busy day. You can almost feel the breeze on your face.

We like to fill our interiors with pieces that invite the observer to dream and travel. In The Whitby Bar, we have used another Ramiro Fernandez Saus painting that reminds me of a beach house. It looks as though the inhabitants have just left the room to jump into the sea which always makes me smile.

A touch of escapism can add intrigue to any room. Interesting objects stimulate our minds to work in an entirely different way. Almost every time I find myself in a grey office or at the dentist, I wish it were designed in a more imaginative way!

Fairytales are the ultimate form of escapism and here we have framed a whimsical illustration from a book of fairytales.

This applique headboard was inspired by an illustration of a mythical Huntsman in a woodland which we found on top of an old black lacquered box.

We often use murals and pictoral wallpapers to transport a scheme to another world. In the Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel, the De Gournay wallpaper adds a stunning dimension of mystery to the room.

Our ‘Mythical Land’ design invites you to a magical realm where you discover new details every time you look at it.

We used ‘Mythical Lands’ at this residential project, where the grand entrance hall looks serene but fun. To read more about how we use panoramic scenes CLICK HERE.

Little quirky details create curiosity and make you wonder. We believe our guests enjoy these details as much as we do. This artwork by Jack Milroy shows an intriguing macabre view of skulls underground.

We like our interiors to capture the imagination in some shape or form. When you leave a room, something should stay with you, making you want to return.

Share your little escapisms with us by using #designthreads on Instagram.

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