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The Art of Layering

Layering is not only important to keep the warmth within us through clothing, but it is also an important detail in design. Join us as we share the art of layering in design…

Layering within a room begins with walls and drapery. There’s always a chance to have fun with a layered patterned curtain over calm, coloured walls as we have done here at Crosby Street Hotel.

The art of layering can also be found within applique and embroidery with special details from each specific stitch. Our most cherished headboards and decorative touches embody this craft. A story is told within each layered cushion or headboard.

We love the art of collage as it’s the perfect way to display unique items from your travels. The layering of different mediums and items creates a dimensional artwork. One of our favourite collage artists, Jo Waterhouse, draws heavily on her surroundings and British folk traditions with her characterful illustrations.

Quilts are the perfect opportunity to create a layered surface on a bed. These keep you warm during the colder nights, while also introducing pattern and colour to the space.

The layering of a rug on wooden floors, not only adds warmth, but also adds colour, pattern, and dimension. Rugs make you feel a step closer to completion when designing a living space. Here, we’ve used the ‘Eternal Spring’ rug from our Annie Selke collection.

Layering a room means utilising its potential by mixing and matching colours, patterns, textures and styles. Layered details are found within a decorative painting in this children’s room for a residential project. A whimsical story is found throughout the playful wallcovering alongside Nina Campbell’s fabric which is used for the drapery.

For this bathroom, we have layered patterns within the wallcovering and tile. Using different textures on walls creates a sense of dimension.

When using a group of lights, place these at varying heights to create an artistic effect…

You can also layer your necklaces onto lamps for a personal and decorative touch!

We hope this blog will help you bring layers to your homes. Share your interior designs with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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