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Spring Bloom Inspired Bedrooms

Here at our Design Studio, we are incredibly lucky to have Hyde Park around the corner from us. As we walk through the park we are starting to see the first blooms of spring, with daffodils and bluebells poking through the ground. It brings us such joy! We’ve also spotted wisteria starting to blossom and it always looks beautiful against London’s white stucco houses. Join us as we share some bedrooms from around our hotels which are inspired by spring blooms…

Wisteria – The Knightsbridge Suite at Knightsbridge Hotel

The Knightsbridge Suite at Knightsbridge Hotel reminds us of the beautiful wisteria which blooms in the months of spring. Here, the windows in this light filled bedroom have been dressed in our Psycho Sprig fabric in the tropical blue colourway. The delicate curls of imaginative vines create a loose stripe on the curtains, transporting you to a magical land.

Daffodil – Room 409 at Ham Yard Hotel

The daffodil is one of the most welcoming signs of spring. Following the cold, grey winter months, daffodils bring colour and warmth to our gardens and parks. Room 409 at Ham Yard Hotel has a scheme packed with sunny yellows and peachy oranges. The painterly print on the headboard features a fanciful garden filled with an abundance of fruit. For us, this room best represents the daffodil in all its glory.

Blue Bells – Room 207 at The Soho hotel

Enchanting and iconic, bluebells are a favourite and a sure sign spring is in full swing. The violet glow of a bluebell wood is an incredible wildflower spectacle. We feel that room 207 at The Soho Hotel resonates best with this romantic flower. The blue walls have hints of pink, mauve and the chalky green of our Ashenwood fabric on the headboard, reminds us of these delicate blooms.

It’s time to fold away our winter blankets and watch patiently as these spring flowers begin to bloom and the trees burst back to life after the long winter months!

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