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Psycho Sprig

I love seeing the different ways my fabrics are used. It was such a joy to see how the creative team at Homes & Gardens used my ‘Pyscho Sprig‘ fabric in this delightful bedroom in their September issue. This playful design is a fun accent on the upholstered bed end and headboard in this fresh and modern scheme.

‘Psycho Sprig’ is one of my latest fabrics from my collection for Andrew Martin. It depicts curls of imaginative vines in vibrant turquoise, pink and red.

This fabric is so versatile, it’s perfect for an accent or detail but it really comes to life when used on an entire wall, such as in room 211 at The Soho Hotel. The floral design dances joyfully across the walls, creating a subtle undulating stripe. The strong plains in the rest of the room bring a calmness to the scheme.

In our top suite at Knightsbridge Hotel, we used ‘Psycho Sprig’ on the curtains. With such high ceilings, the design beautifully cascades down the walls, framing the sash windows. The fabric is a refreshing and contemporary take on a traditional floral. I paired it with my ‘Ikat Weave’ fabric for Christopher Farr Cloth in indigo on the sofa to play with scale and create a dynamic space with depth.

In the Loft at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, we have covered our signature mannequins in Pyscho Sprig in the green colourway with zesty yellows, green and pink. It brought a smile to my face when Carole Annett transformed my design into this wonderful skirt for the Country and Townhouse interiors party at Haymarket Hotel.

We have also created a collection of throws and cushions. These can be used as a beautiful detail in a room or over your lap on a chilly alfresco evening and are available online via Shop Kit Kemp.

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