A New Scheme: Fortune & Lyric Rooms

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This week we'd like to share with you our recently redesigned Fortune & Lyric private event rooms at Covent Garden Hotel...

This week we’d like to share with you our recently redesigned Fortune & Lyric private event rooms at Covent Garden Hotel. Located on the lower ground level of the hotel, many would assume this to be a dull and gloomy space, but we took the opportunity to counterbalance these constraints by scheming with a considered colour palette as well as utilising design elements to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Here, we’ve created the perfect backdrop for memorable events. Join us as we explore the new space further.

Daring yet harmonious, our colour palette champions a mix of bold hues that inject life and energy. From a vibrant saffron yellow, to pops of sapphire blue mixed with earthy crimson hues. The colours transcend the conventional notion of a traditional events space and instil a sense of warmth, beauty and charm. We always dare to be bold!

The Lyric room walls are adorned with an embroidered geometric fabric. This adds a modern flair, yet continues to echo a sense of whimsical charm.

Our chairs are upholstered in a printed wool fabric, offering comfort and a contrasting element of surprise. There are textured materials, layered against a backdrop of spirited colours which yield surprising visual narratives.

The walls were the perfect canvas for adding an element of tactility. The Fortune room is lined with our Chainstitch fabric design, creating a sense of romanticism and English charisma.

Soft, dimmable lighting is essential when natural light isn’t available. Our oversized circular ceiling chandelier anchors the space and disperses warm lighting, mimicking nature’s glow and adding a sense of comfort.

Through the power of colour and texture, basements can be designed to be bright and uplifting spaces. Whether you’re planning a special celebration or corporate function, step into this hidden gem and let its vibrancy and warmth transport you to a world of magic! Explore Covent Garden Hotel further with our Brasserie Max blog post.